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Admin Post

I changed the community from basic to plus so if you see ads I'm sorry. I liked the look of the plus features (you can see tags in post and stuff easier for people visiting to navigate)
I added links to the footer HOPEFULLY people see them. I also added FAQ links to the sidebar (my icon rules, and crediting FAQ) I was tired of putting them on EACH post. For the most part people do credit and I love that they do. I always credit who made icons I use or at least I do if I know who made the icon.
Are you guys liking the olympics icons?? I know it's been a long time since I made anything. I have to finish the deadliest catch icons I want to finish screencapping season 5 and now that Capt. Phil Harris has passed away I want to make bunches of Phil icons. I have a few already but he was my fave Captain.
Are there any Questions? Comments? anything?? feel free to comment or even send me a private message. Comments are screened until I reply BUT if requested I can keep it screened.


Rules for use How to Credit
Credit is a MUST anywhere you use them, on other boards or sites don't pretend you made them (yes, it's happened), please DO NOT make other graphics using icons I've made, no hot linking, download onto your computer and host it yourself (I'll remove the image if I see it linked), please comment if taking, and enjoy.

Tags will include the name of the tv show or movie I have made the icons from so feel free to check out the tags for different icons I have posted.

If you like the icons I have made I hope you will join or watch the community.

All icons will be 100X100 no bigger. Icons I post will be under 40kbs

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