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Crediting on LJ

How to credit on LJ (if you don't already know)

What I do is put a description in the keywords so I know what icon it is. If it's from a movie, tv show, whatever I can get them grouped together So I am not hunting for a certain icon I want to use.
then I put in the comment area who made the icon if I know who it is.

copy one of these into your comment area
<lj user="anya1976"> or <lj comm="icons_ala_anya">

I've been seeing more and more people snagging icons I've made without crediting. I've even had people request me make them icons without crediting me for them and it's really kind of rude. If you snag PLEASE credit me for my work. I give you examples on how to do it. If you still can't figure it out message me and I am sure I can help you.
A big huge THANK YOU to those that do credit.

another credit tutorial if you still aren't sure
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